Santa Rita Bio

Santa Rita Bio Dairy Social 1964

Quality Policy

The management of the Santa Rita Bio Dairy Social 1964 Ltd. takes as the central point of its policy for quality and food safety, the maximum and complete customer satisfaction e the consumer through the supply of Organic Parmigiano Reggiano dop and Parmigiano Reggiano dopo Organic with only milk from the white cow of Modena (Slow Food Presidium); through the definition of all the requirements of compliance, an expression of requirements and expectations of a mandatory and non-mandatory nature, regarding about its products and services with a view to continuous improvement Of the effectiveness and efficiency of its food safety management system food.


the management of the Santa Rita Bio Dairy Social 1964 Ltd. undertakes corporate decisions based on the principles and founded values of Organic/Biodynamic agriculture, pursuing simultaneously its objectives, ensuring social equity, the welfare of workers, respect for human rights and fairness today, transparency and legality, both of the product and in relations with stakeholders stakeholders; ensuring respect for the environment and current regulations; economic prosperity and food security.

Management's goal is to to increase staff involvement through motivation and awareness and to take special care in the evaluation and monitoring of suppliers.


To achieve this goal, Santa Rita Bio Social Dairy 1964 Ltd. is committed to constantly working with the following goals:

- Customer orientation: primary commitment of the Santa Rita Bio Social Dairy 1964 SRL is to identify the needs of the customer and consumer, and correspond to them with Organic/Biodynamic products of quality, distributed in a timely, professional, constant and continuous, in accordance with regulatory requirements (technical and mandatory), so as to meet the customer's requirements - beyond their own expectations, with respect to:

o Healthiness

o Organoleptic quality

o Ensuring maximum shelf-life (durability over time of product quality)

o Guarantee of the best assortment of products (in references and formats)

o Guarantees of compliance with obligations contractual

o Ensure commercial clarity and seriousness

o Product authenticity


- Paying attention to the satisfaction of the stakeholders (employees, suppliers, etc...) by ensuring continuous monitoring of their needs and expectations;

- Promote the continuous improvement of performance through the progressive adoption of the best management methods available, economically compatible

- Optimize the traceability process of the Parmigiano Reggiano dop Organic, in order to better support the system of integrated quality management in relation to food safety, and the legal and contractual requirements

- The management has implemented a system of quality and food safety management in accordance with the international standard IFS broker in order to obtain certification and maintain it over time

- Adopt the principles of social responsibility and ethics in order to uphold human values and engage in responsible behavior Managing its activities in a manner that is honest, fair and attentive to the expectations of the public

- Adopt a food protection plan to Guarantee food defense and food fraud

- Ensure commitment to the culture and product safety.


It should be noted that Santa Rita Bio Caseificio Sociale 1964 s.r.l. is committed to qualifying and monitoring over time its suppliers whose production facilities are not certified according to at least one of the GFSI (Global Initiative for Food Safety) recognized at the international level



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