Santa Rita Bio

Santa Rita Bio Dairy Social 1964

Santa Rita Bio welcomes you to a wonderful area, a place of tranquility and peace, nestled in the green Apennines of Modena, where nature, clean air, flowering fields and nights full of stars await you!

Between authentic KNOWLEDGE and TASTE

Santa Rita Bio Caseificio Sociale, established in 1964, has nearly 60 years of experience in the production of Parmigiano Reggiano made in the Mountains. 

Close collaboration with local farms and breeders has made it possible to create an entire organic production chain, certified by AIAB/ICEA, as early as 1994. Constant commitment and research have helped establish the company at the highest levels of quality, while maintaining its artisanal soul. 

The dairy is now in its third generation: founded by grandparents, carried on by children and then grandchildren. Knowledge is thus passed down, guarded within the household walls, in the words and deeds of men who derive full meaning from the daily miracle of working the land and in the stables.

The Santa Rita dairy has collected many prestigious awards in international competitions, including a gold medal in 2004 at the Mountain Cheese Olympics in Appenzell, Switzerland. (Visit the section 'OUR PARMIGIANO REGGIANO' to discover them all).

The 'steady rise to the Olympus of cheeses is due to the high quality of the raw material. The air, water and clayey mountain soil, controlled feeding of livestock and homeopathic care count. But it counts a lot for the work of the cheesemakers who recognize milk by smell, color, and touch. It also counts, we add, the spirit of the people of this land, friendly and stubborn, who despite their diversity know how to team up to defend and enhance their cultural heritage.

It is no coincidence that the Santa Rita dairy is now at the forefront of the protection of the Modenese white cow, an endangered breed of cattle, the only Slow Food presidium of Parmigiano Reggiano. 

Santa Rita also 'becomes' a tourist dairy to raise awareness of the who, where, and how of organic Parmigiano Reggiano with mountain milk, "good clean and fair." 

We open our doors to schools and groups, to campers and campers (visit the camping section for more information), to couples who want to spend a romantic night in a yurt. The educational dairy, renovated with materials and techniques of green building, becomes a place where an area comes together to celebrate organic and biodynamic agriculture, All our products, including eggs and fruits from our garden, as well as products from our shop, are strictly Organic/Biodynamic.